:: Cattaneo security ::


  • The choice

Several Printing Companies decide to gain competitiveness and integrate security products business into their production. Cattaneo Security is the ideal partner supporting all stages of the project, starting from this valuable choice.


  • The start-up

Cattaneo Security offers its competence as a unique reference, truly reliable, able to provide the necessary machinery for printing security products and the know-how required to successfully start production.

[...to understand the needs of the customer in order to meet his requirements]


  • The competence

We can supply technologically advanced solutions to the customer, providing our design skills to meet specific production needs or new market demands.


  • The stability

History is the witness of our capabilities: more than twenty five years of experience in the development of printing presses, and more than sixty years of experience in mechanical machining. The Cattaneo family has always run the company with passion and now looks at the future with its third generation.

[...through the commitment of generations, we have acquired know-how and experience]